Back to Basics: What is IDES ?

The International Demonstration and Education System (IDES) contains a fully-fledged model company that has been set up in an R/3 System. The IDES corporate group comprises a number of companies, each with predefined business tasks. All of these companies can be used individually, or in interaction with each other, to demonstrate how the R/3 System is integrated, and the range of functions that are available.

IDES is used principally in internal and external training courses, self-learning programs, and for presentations. It aims to prepare project team members and endusers for using the R/3 System in practice. The IDES system provides an ideal learning environment: users get to work in a system that has been fully custom-ized, and contains real-life master data and transaction data. The system further facilitates the transfer of knowledge by providing extensive data descriptions and process descriptions for cross-application business processes. The realistic business processes of the company group have been set up as self-learning units in IDES.

The online documentation in IDES plays a central role in this self-learning process. Since integrated process flows are already defined in the system, users can use the IDES online documentation to familiarize themselves gradually with the core functions in any of the R/3 components. Detailed process descriptions and realistic business data mean that even beginners and users with-out detailed R/3 knowledge can familiarize themselves quickly with the R/3 Sys-tem. This online help can also be used as a basis for developing internal training courses and holding R/3 presentations.

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