SAP HR Time Management Training: Troubleshooting Guide

The purpose of this SAP HR training guide is to provide the Time Administrator with information to resolve issues in Time Management as well as understand the process.
The following topics will be discussed :

  • Check the allocation of Quota Records [rp]RPTQUOTA_CHECK[/rp]
  • This topic will provide information regarding the allocation of Leave Quotas to employees and how to correct the processing if the incorrect quota is being allocated.

  • Record Overtime, Standby Allowances etc. [PA61]
  • This topic explains the various ways to enter employee Overtime, Standby allowance etc.

  • Casual Leave Process [PA61]
  • This topic will explain how casual leave is allocated to employees.

  • Errors with entering absences
  • This topic discusses the ways to handle errors when capturing absences.

  • Leave Provision
  • This topic provides information on how Leave Provision is processed in the payroll

  • Excess Sick Leave Process
  • This topic describes how Excess Sick Leave is processed in the payroll.

  • Fast Entry of Time Data [PA71]
  • This topic describes how master data is maintained on one infotype for more than one employee.

Download – SAP HR Time Management Training: Troubleshooting Guide

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