How to Configure Email on SAP ?

SAPconnect provides a direct connection to the Internet using the SMTP plug-in of the SAP Web Application Server. This enables you to send and receive Internet mails without the need for an additional external communication system, as well as faxes and text messages (pager/SMS). The SMTP plug-in is available for Internet mail as of SAP Web AS 6.10, and for fax and text messages (pager/SMS) as of SAP Web AS 6.20.

The purpose of this document is to detail the steps required to setup email from SAP with configuration of SMTP. See the step by step covered processes below:

  • Configure user ID email addresses [SU01]
  • Configure SMTP Node [SCOT]
  • Testing the email [SO01]
  • Pushing queued messages manually [SCOT]

Download – How to Configure Email on SAP ?

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