Materials Requirement Planning in SAP

The main function of material requirements planning is to guarantee material availability, that is, it is used to procure or produce the requirement quantities on time both for internal purposes and for sales and distribution. This process involves the monitoring of stocks and, in particular, the automatic creation of procurement proposals for purchasing and production.

In doing so, MRP tries to strike the best balance possible between

  • optimizing the service level and
  • minimizing costs and capital lockup.

The MRP component (PP-MRP) assists and relieves MRP controllers in their area of responsibility. The MRP controller is responsible for all activities related to specifying the type,quantity, and time of the requirements, in addition to calculating when and for what quantity an order proposal has to be created to cover these requirements. The MRP controller needs all the information on stocks, stock reservations, and stocks on order to calculate quantities, and also needs information on lead times and procurement times to calculate dates. The MRP controller defines a suitable MRP and lot-sizing procedure for each material to determine procurement proposals.


Material Requirements Planning in the Logistics Chain
Transaction Codes for MRP
MRP Procedures
Master Data
Planning Process
Special Planning Processes
Carrying Out the Planning Run
Procurement Proposal
Availability Check According to ATP Logic

Download – Materials Requirement Planning in SAP

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