Simplify the Translation Process with Hovitaga Translation Tool

This free report helps a lot with translation of ABAP developments. Many times it is time consuming to find out what exactly needs to be translated. Let’s say a business analysts sends you the German equivalents of all the English texts on a screen. How do you know what to translate? Text symbols of the report? Data element labels? Message classes? Screen painter texts?

This report makes easy to find this out. Simply enter filter criteria to select the objects to translate. The report can search for objects based on TADIR and based on the CTS too (table E071).
I’ve created a simple test report called ZTRANSLATION_TEST for translation from English to German:

You can carry out mass translations easily: you can search by package name, person responsible, transport request etc.
Press F8 and the report displays all the subobjects found for the entered criteria:
As you can see all the subobjects are found for the report (screen texts, text elements).
There is an especially useful feature of the program called environment analysis. This basically searches for every object referenced by the objects you define on the selection screen, and adds it to the translation list:

The test report uses a data element as a variable:

If you set the environment depth to 1, the program will find that this data element is used, so it is added to the translation list (and a message class too):

Double click on line to translate it using the standard translation screen of SAP:

Press Save when finished:

If you want, you can transport the translations you made by clicking on the button on the selection screen. This will call the standard SE63 translation transport program:

This tool definitely helps doing translation on SAP projects because it:

  • helps to find all objects necessary to translate
  • provides a simple and familiar translation environment
  • can create transports of the translations immediately

Remember, this product if free!
Check it out here:
Download link:

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