Material Master Related Notes in SAP


To implement an integrated system of production planning and materials management, you must have a central database wherein anyone in your company can find out all there is to know about any material passing through the plant.
Everyone must use the same rules and data structures when they enter data about material details.
The integration of all material data in a single database object eliminates redundant data storage. Areas such as purchasing, inventory management, material requirements planning (MRP), invoice verification, and so on, can all use the same data.


Create a Material Master Record on SAP.
Distinguish between Material Type and Industry Sectors.


Material Master Database

  1. Function And Use Of The Material Master
  2. Data Structure

Material Master Records

  1. Departmental Data
  2. Interdependency Of User Department And Organizational Levels
  3. Material Number
  4. Industry Sector
  5. Material Types
  6. Screen Sequence And Field Selection

Create A Material Master Record

  1. Checklist
  2. When Do You Create A Material Master Record
  3. Creating A Material Master Record

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