Reconciliation Ledger in SAP

How to Reconcile CO and FI Modules in SAP

The Reconciliation Ledger is a functionality available in the SAP Controlling module which helps in reconciling CO and FI. In the reconciliation ledger, Controlling CO data is totaled and valuated. The reconciliation ledger displays data in all CO applications. This data could be for a cost element, business area, object types, object classes, totals of company codes etc.So how does the reconciliation ledger reconcile FI and CO records. The reconciliation ledger uses reconciliation postings for this purpose. Some of the features of reconciliation ledger are given below:

1. In SAP, external postings to financials which are relevant to cost are automatically transferred to the corresponding CO application component. SAP automatically executes such transfer in real time. The CO totals are updated directly so as to enable reconciliation.

2. In case SAP is configured such that amounts are posted directly across company codes, business area or functional area, the information is to be transferred back to FI. SAP updates such information in the reconciliation ledger. However, postings have to be manually done in the financial.

3. Reconciliation ledger can be used to create a posting, to reconcile FI and CO. Apart from this, the reconciliation ledger also provides some informative reports such as cost analyses, CO P & L etc.

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