SAP HCM Personnel Administration Manual for Noobs

The intention of the author is to make this book an assistance which comes handy for the beginner aspirants of SAP – HCM to understand and grasp the subject matter. The learning phase the need of some assistance that could be helpful for a rigorous yet simplified course material. Ample care has been taken for the technicality of the subject in the era of fast track crash courses to be at par with the subject by the pulse of the course.

  1. Enterprise Structure
    • Create Personnel Area
    • Assignment of Personnel Area to Company Code
    • Creating Personnel Sub Areas
    • Creating Personnel Structure
    • Create Employee Subgroups
    • Assigning Employee Subgroup to Employee Group
  2. Create Payroll
    • Assign Payroll Area with Period Parameter
    • Generating Calendar for Period Parameter
    • Create Payroll Control Record
  3. Defining Employee Attributes
  4. Hiring – Actions
    • Hiring an Employee
  5. Re-Hiring Action
  6. Termination – Actions
  7. Fixed Public Holiday
  8. Floating Public Holiday
  9. Define Groupings for The Public Holiday Calendar
  10. Set Work Schedule Rules & Work Schedules
  11. Generate Work Schedules Manually
  12. Daily Work Schedules
  13. Group Personnel Subareas for The Work Schedule
  14. Daily Break Schedules
  15. Day Types & Selection Rules
  16. Define Selection Rules
  17. Work Schedule Rules & Work Schedules
  18. Leaves – Setting Default Value for Work Schedule

Download – SAP HCM Personnel Administration Manual for Noobs

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