Material Master Data

As the same in Vendor Master Data post, you will get knowledge about Material Master Data(Views, Types, Configuration, Documentation) and you will find an end-user training for initialization of Fiscal Year Period required for creating Material Masters of a Finished Product. Then you will learn creating purchasing info record and master data report finally. Read more

MM Quick Reference Cards

These quick reference cards created by a university for the following transactions

ME2K Display PO by Cost Object
ME2L Display PO by Vendor
ME2M Display PO by Material
ME23N Display PO
ME51N Requisition Create
ME51N Requisition Create Multiple Account Read more

Purchasing Manual for Beginners

A very detailed,informative user guide for SAP Purchasing.Topics covered in this manual are:Initial Desktop Settings,Creating Storeroom Request, Changing or Deleting Storeroom Reservation Line Item, Creating a Purchase Requisition, How to Use Document Overview, Changing or Deleting Lines in Purchase Requisitions That Havel Already Been Released, Duplicating a Purchase Requisition, Checking The Status of Purchase Requisition Using Document Overview, To View of All Your Purchase Requisitions Read more

Partial Goods Receipt

If you receive part of what you have requisitioned, you should post a goods receipt for only items received. Make changes to the quantities as necessary.

This document shows you steps with screenshots in details for required procedures Read more

Procurement Manual for Beginners

This manual is another part of the series of the beginners manuals for Account Receivable,Account Payable and Asset Management.As other materials this one starts from novice by managing your favourites,then giving an overview for Procurement and shows step by step procedures for the processes needed in procurement. Read more

Advanced Requisition Processing

This is a step by step guide for advanced requisition processesing.


Look Up A Vendor (Mk03)
Purchase Order Display By Vendor (Me2l)
Create A Duke Materials Ordering Guide (Zmog)
Release Strategy
Purchasing Group – Approval And Criteria (Ct11) Read more

Purchase Requisition Manuals


Initial Setup of Purchase Requisition Default value screen
Create Purchase Requisition with Contract Discount
Creating a Purchase Requisition for Stock Materials
Create Requisition – Outside Vendor (No Contract) Cost Center and Asset
Release Purchase Requisition-ZE57
Release / Un-release Individual Requisition-ME54N Read more