Down Payment Process in SAP: Request, Posting and Clearing

This interactive sim video tutorial shows you the step-by-step processes of the following mentioned scenarios;

  • Vendor Down Payment Request [T.Code: F-47]
  • Automatic Payment [T.Code: F110]
  • Display/Change Line Items [FBL1N]
  • Vendor Down Payment Clearing [F-54]

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Cash Collection with SAP Collections Management User guide

In this video tutorial you will learn about SAP Collections Management. The following scenario is demonstrated in this lesson:

This process enables to trace and follow up promises to pay made by customers. SAP Collections Management supports automatic real-time updates of promises to pay by incoming payments. If a customer does not pay within the agreed period of time an evaluation run will set the state of the promise on broken. Collectors can trace and follow up broken promises. This will reduce time to prepare customer contacts and improve efficiency.

You act as collection agent “Accountant1”. You create a worklist containing all customers you are responsible for. For one of these customers you create a promise to pay in the system and initiate a dispute case. Read more


Make-To-Stock Scenario with Production Versions and Kanban Processing

The objective of this tutorial is to provide an overview of the extended functions in the Make-To-Stock Scenario with Production Versions and Kanban Processing in the IM&C industry.

The scenario Make-to-Stock (MTS) with Production Versions and Kanban Processing focuses on two production control methods in a make-to-stock environment: the use of production versions and Kanban processing.

  • Creation of independent requirements
  • Material Requirement Planning to calculate the requirements of the finished product as well as for the different components.
  • Production order processing with
    • Production Versions and Kanban
  • Creation of Sales Order
  • Execution of Delivery and Billing

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