Step by Step Guide to New Company Code Configuration in SAP

This document describes how a new company code is added to an existing SAP R/3 environment. Here the company code is not created from scratch, but as a copy from an existing company code. This document wants to point out what information is transferred in the copy and at which points you must interfere.


  • New Company Code
  • Environment
  • Enterprise Structure
  • Edit Company Code Data
  • Company
  • Credit Control Area, Business Area
  • Assignment Of Structures
  • Financial Accounting – Global Settings
  • Asset Accounting
  • Bank Accounts
  • Accounts Receivables And Payables
  • Controlling
  • Fi Automatic Account Determination

4 replies
  1. olan says:

    Hey Eddai, so happy I stumbled on your website. I have worked with other ERP s/w but only just started a contract as an SAP master data person. I will give FI/CO a go and see how it goes. Nice materials though. Cheers

  2. eddai says:

    Hi Olan, welcome SAP world:)
    thanks for your compliments. I’m also fresher to SAP, while learning i’m just trying to share here too. Hoping to be beneficial to all other beginners like me.

  3. amit says:

    I have tried to learn SAp but found it easy to learn only till now when I visited your work.

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