Step by Step SPRO-Configuration Guide for FICO – Limited Ones

SPRO, which stands for SAP Project Reference Object, is used configure the SAP System as per clients requirement. After executing SPRO t.code you will see IMG (Implementation Management Guide) menu which you will find customization settings for all modules. It will be helpful for you to have a look at IMG Transaction Codes and Table Names post. In the following documents, you will find a limited but very useful step by step configuration methods for;

  • Financial Accounting
  • Define Company, Company Code, Assign Company Code to Company, Define Chart of Accounts, Set up Accounts Groups and Their Number Ranges, Assign Fiscal Year Variant to Company Code, Assign Posting Variant to Company Code, Document Number Ranges for the Company Code

  • Controlling
  • Set up Controlling Area – Basic Data, Activate Components / Control Indicators, Assignment of Company Codes, Set Controlling Area, Maintain Controlling Documents Groups and their Number Ranges

Downloads SPRO Configuration Guide for Download Financial Accounting and Download Controlling

7 thoughts on “Step by Step SPRO-Configuration Guide for FICO – Limited Ones”

  1. Yes Atul, that is why i set title as “Limited Ones”. I provided you documents links from a SAP Training center which they provided these guides as a sample so you can get an overview of their publishes.
    Full versions not available to public.

  2. When i have download Financial accounting and controlling documents.
    I got ony few pazes i.e
    Financial accounting —> 32 pazes (cover only upto step 10)
    Total is 48 , still 38 not able to download.
    Controlling —-> 15 pazes (cover only upto step 5)
    Total is 23 , still 18 not able to download.
    Can you please let me know how can i get all study material.

  3. Why not reading my previous comment ? and title as “limited ones” ?
    I think they are enough to answer your questions. sorry, I do not have complete documents

  4. I have done only the AJRW transaction (asset Fiscal Year Change). Can we post the depreciation for an asset in the current year. Main issue is I have closed the asset through retirement.

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