Printing Problems and Solutions

This document contains a list of some questions/problems and solutions when trying to print. If you do not know yet, see How to Set Up Printer in SAP

The solutions covered for problems are as follows:

  • Double-byte characters show up on the screen, but not when printed.
  • How do I change the codepage on a device?
  • How do I copy a device plus its other settings (like print controls)?
  • I used SPAD->Device Print Control->Utilities->Copy Device Type to copy a device,now how do I delete it?
  • What do device formats (SPAD->Device Format) do?
  • I want to dial-in to an SAP system and print from my computer. How do I do it

Download Printing Problems and Solutions Guide

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  1. Ginny Scott says:

    My computer was reimaged a few weeks ago. I print to LOCL instead of identifying a specific SAP printer since I travel so much from location to location. Since the reimage, the formatting (text in blocks of color) is coming through to the printouts instead of them being simple black and white. Any idea where to go in my computer’s setup (outside SAP) to fix this?

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