SAP HR Recruitment Configuration Guide

This SAP HR Recruitment Configuration guide will get you started on performing required customization procedures with step-by-step instructions and screenshots.

  • Workforce Requirements & Advertising Configuration Settings
    • Create Media
    • Create Recruitment Instruments
    • Create Addresses for Recruitment Instruments
  • Applicant Administration Configuration Settings
    • Create Personnel Officer
    • Applicant Structure
    • Create Applicant Groups
    • Create Applicant Ranges
    • Create Unsolicited Applicant Groups
  • Applicant Selection Configuration Settings
    • Applicant Status
    • Change Status Texts
    • Create Status Reasons
    • Set Permissible Status Reasons for Each Applicant Status
    • Set Permissible Vac Assignment Statuses for Each Overall Status
    • Applicant Actions
    • Change Info Groups
    • Change Applicant Actions
    • Application Activities
    • Application Activity Types
    • Create Applicant Activity Types
    • Change Automatic Creataion of Applicant Activities

Download – SAP HR Recruitment Configuration Guide

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