Complete SAP CO Configuration & End User Manual from Training Instructor (267 pages PDF)

This SAP CO book is full of detailed step-by-step procedures with necessary screen shots and sample configurations. This book is a set of tutorials prepared by training instructor and it is a complete configuration guide/ end-user manual for SAP Controlling module.

  • CO Basic Organizational Structure Settings
  • Cost Centre Accounting
  • Relationship between Profit centre & Cost centre
  • Cost Centre Accounting Configurations
  • Cost Centre Accounting End User Guides
  • Allocation by Distribution
  • Allocation by Periodic Reposting
  • Indirect Activity Allocation using SKF
  • Direct Activity Allocation
  • Report painter
  • Internal Orders
  • Real Internal Order with settlement to Cost Center
  • Schedule Manager
  • Real Time Integration with General Ledger
  • Sales/Purchase Tax
  • CO-MM Integration
  • CO-FI Integration
  • CO-SD Integration
  • Profitability Analysis
  • CO-PA Characteristic Derivation
  • CO-PA Valuation
  • Characteristic Derivation
  • CO-PA Manual Line Item Entry
  • Top-Down Distribution of Actual Data
  • Product Cost Planning

Download – Complete SAP CO Configuration & End User Manual

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