SAP CO Cost Center Accounting User Manual (110 Pages PDF)

This document provides basic steps required to maintain Cost Center Accounting (CO-CCA) procedures in SAP Controlling.

  • Create/Change/Display Cost Element Group [KAH1/KAH2/KAH2]
  • KSB5N CO Document: Actual Cost
  • Create/Change/Display/Delete Cost Center [KS01/KS02/KS03/KS04]
  • Create/Change/Display Cost Center Group [KSH1/KSH2/KSH3]
  • Change/Display Cost Center Standard Hierarchy [OKEON/OKENN]
  • Create/Change/Display Activity Type [KL01/KL02/KL03], Create/Display Activity Type Group [KLH1/KLH3]
  • Create Statistical Key Figure [KK01]
  • Plan Activity Output on Cost Center -Change/Display [KP26/KP27]
  • Plan Activity Input on Cost Center -Change/Display [KP06/KP07]
  • Price Calculation [KSPI]
  • Setting Controlling Area [OKKS]
  • Actual Postings in Overhead Cost Controlling [FB50]
  • Manual Reposting of Costs [KB11N]
  • Repost Line Items [KB61]
  • Display Repost Line Items [KB63]
  • Reverse reposted line items [KB64]
  • Enter statistical key figure [KB31N]
  • Distribution of Shared Expenses [KSV5]
  • Cost Center Actual/Plan Variance [S_ALR_87013611]
  • Cost Centers: Activity Prices [KSBT]
  • Period Lock – Actuals/Plan [OKP1]

Download – SAP CO Cost Center Accounting User Manual

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