SAP Guide for Beginners-Part 1

So you’re sitting in front of your PC, asking yourself “dude, how do I start learning SAP?” 

Easy, slow down. 
First of all, you have to realize that your current job is the foundation of your SAP career – understand SAP as an extension of your existing profession!

Due to this fact, it’s very easy to make your choice about the destination of your SAP career, because SAP only offers three different types of SAP Professionals: 

  • Solution Consultants resp. Application Associate 
  • Technology Consultants resp. Technology Associate 
  • Development Consultants resp. Development Associate 

Some examples: 

Are you a good developer? You have the coderz gene? You have proved your talent in some OpenSource projects? No doubt, pick the “Development Consultant” education path.


Ever experienced the crash of a productive system with hundreds of employees picking their nose for the rest of the day (and hopefully you are not guilty of…)? Select the “Technology Consultant” profile.


The “Solution Consultant” certification (new name: Certified Application Associate) is your choice if you aren’t a computer geek, but you possess several years of practical experience in (for example) Financial Accounting or RetailSalesLogistics,HR and so on.

So when you are conscious about the rough destination, I guess it’s time to do some homework: 

Visit the SAP education website and check out the [Find a certification] box 
Click on “Please select focus area” and choose one of the three profiles to evaluate the available Certification Roles.


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2 thoughts on “SAP Guide for Beginners-Part 1”

  1. Hello,

    I’ve been within service management and customer support management for years now. I’m slowly realizing that this function not much on the market as in earlier times.

    I would like to know more about being a SAP Solution Consultant.


  2. Im not finding sap to be user friendly when trying to access chart of accounts or running quick reports e.g. open po list. I would like to learn about shortcuts.


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