Cross Plant Costing in SAP: Configuration & Execution Guide

Cross-plant costing is a feature in SAP ERP that allows you to transfer costs between plants. It is used when you want to transfer costs from one plant to another plant. With cross-plant costing, you can control whether costing data for special procured materials is to be transferred from the other plant.
For example, if you have a material that is produced in one plant and then shipped to another plant for further processing, you can use cross-plant costing to transfer the costs associated with that material from one plant to another.
This document covers following configuration and execution steps required for Cross Plant Costing in SAP;
Configuration Steps:

  • Create Special Procurement Type[OMD9]
  • Create Transfer Control [OKKM]
  • Assign Transfer Control to Costing Variant [OKKN]

Execution Process of Cross Plant Costing

  • Create FG Material in the Manufacturing Plant [MM01]
  • Extend FG Material in the Sales Plant [MM01]
  • Assign Special Procurement key in the FG Material Master Data of the Sales Plant (MRP 2 View & Costing 1 View) [MM02]
  • Create Bill of Matenal (BOM) [CS01]
  • Create Routing [CAO1]
  • Create Material Cost Estimate with Quantity Structure [CK11N]
  • Price update: Mark Standard Price [CK24]
  • Create Production Order [CO01]
  • Confirm Production Order [CO11N]
  • FG Material transfer from Manufacturing Plant to Sales Plant [MIGO]
  • Create Sales order [VA01]
  • Create Outbound Delivery [VLO1N]

Download – Cross Plant Costing in SAP: Configuration & Execution Guide

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