SAP S/4HANA Third Party Sales Process Configuration Guide

In SAP, the third party process is a procurement process in which a company does not keep the products in stock but instead relies on a third-party supplier to deliver the products directly to the customer. The third-party vendor provides the goods and services to the customer, and the company acts as an intermediary, passing on the order and payment information to the vendor. The company then receives payment from the customer and pays the third-party supplier. In SAP, the third-party process can be managed using the standard purchasing and sales processes with some additional settings to accommodate the third-party vendor. The process includes creating a purchase order for the third-party vendor, creating a sales order for the customer, and creating a billing document to issue an invoice to the customer.
Following configuration and end user steps are covered in this guide with screenshots:

  • Definition and Determination of TAS item Category in SD
  • Maintain Account Assignment in Purchasing
  • Maintain Purchasing Info Record
  • Third Party Process step by step without Shipping Notification
  • Post Goods Receipt [MIGO]
  • Invoice Verification [MIRO]
  • Billing [VF01]

Download – SAP S/4HANA Third Party Sales Process Configuration Guide

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