5 Steps Configuration Guide to Product Allocation in SAP S/4 HANA

SAP S4HANA has built a product allocation mechanism process for manufacturers to keep an accurate record of product availability and planning as per end customer requirements. Product allocation is a function provided for carrying out control options intended to help an extensive organization avoid critical requirement and procurement situations. In simple words, product allocations represent an ordered allocation of production for certain periods. Product allocations can be created according to various criteria such as customer-wise or region-wise. Product allocation allows you to set buying limits on customers or groups of customers, which is sometimes required by companies that have new releases in high demand in the market. The goal is usually to allow for proportional supply across different regions, thus enabling a broad but solid market presence and high customer satisfaction regardless of region.
Following configuration steps are covered in this guide with screenshots;

  • Step 1: Activate Product Allocation
  • Step 2: Configure Product Allocation Object
  • Step 3: Manage Product Allocation Planning Data
  • Step 4: Manage Product Allocation Sequence
  • Step 5: Assign Product to Product Allocation

Download – Configuration Guide to Product Allocation in SAP S/4 HANA

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