ABAP on HANA: General Overview Presentation

ABAP ON HANA, a document created by a leading consulting company, provides an overview of the shift to HANA paradigm, advanced OPEN SQL, ABAP CDS Views, and AMDP methods. Here are the key points covered in the document:

  1. ABAP Shift to HANA Paradigm: The document explains the shift from ABAP to SAP ABAP on HANA, emphasizing the need to push down data intense computations and calculations to the HANA DB layer and avoid bringing all the data to the ABAP layer.
  2. Advanced OPEN SQL: The document discusses the advantages of using Open SQL for code push down, the differences between Open SQL and Native SQL, and the advanced features of Open SQL. It also provides examples of various SQL operations such as INNER JOIN, LEFT OUTER JOIN, RIGHT OUTER JOIN, FULL OUTER JOIN, UNION, UNION ALL, INTERSECT, and EXCEPT.
  3. ABAP CDS Views: The document introduces Core Data Services (CDS) as a building block for timeless software. It discusses the advantages of CDS views over ABAP views, the use of annotations in CDS views, and provides examples of CDS views. It also discusses the use of parameters in CDS views and how to consume CDS views in ABAP programs.
  4. AMDP Methods: The document explains ABAP Managed Database Procedures (AMDP), their design, advantages, features, and prerequisites. It also provides an example of AMDP implementation and discusses AMDP call scenarios.

Download – ABAP on HANA: General Overview Presentation

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