Breakdown Maintenance Process in SAP PM : End Users Guide (144 Pages PDF)

This SAP User Manual for Breakdown Maintenance(144 pages PDF) provides a comprehensive guide to managing breakdowns and maintenance within the SAP PM system. By following this manual, users can fully manage breakdown processes including equipment selection, notification creation, purchase requisitions, invoice verification, order confirmation, and vendor payment using key SAP transactions for each process.

Key Breakdown Maintenance processes covered in the document are:

  • Equipment Selection: Can be done through various searching parameters using function keys or icons.
  • Notification Creation: Involves entering details like malfunction start date and time, selecting causes, and saving the notification.
  • Purchase Requisitions and Orders: Managed using ME52N, ME23N, and other transactions, including approval workflows.
  • Invoice Verification: Handled through MIR7, including tax details and payment tabs.
  • Order Confirmation and Status Updates: Includes steps like technical closure, status confirmation, and order saving.
  • Vendor Payment: Outlines the process of vendor outgoing payment using F-53 and related transactions .
  • Asset Transfer and Gate Entry: Describes the process of transferring assets within company codes and creating gate entries.
  • Reports and Closure: Includes steps for settlement to cost centers, order closure, and printing checks .

This manual covers the entire breakdown maintenance process cycle end-to-end within SAP, using key transaction codes, and provides detailed instructions for each step involved in the process.

Download (144 Pages PDF) – Breakdown Maintenance Process in SAP PM : End Users Guide

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