Managing Payments and Bank Reconciliation in SAP: A Back-to-Basics Tutorial

SAP banking module covers the entire payment cycle – right from integration with bank accounts, to processing payments, to reconciliation.
This is a training PDF document that covers banking and payment processes in SAP. It provides an overview of major day-to-day transactions, important terminology, configuration steps, and demos for bank reconciliation statements.

Key Points covered in the document are:

  • Questions to ask the customer (business) and bank to understand requirements for setting up bank integration and payments.
  • Important SAP terminologies like house bank, bank key, payment methods, manual and electronic bank statements.
  • Configuration steps for setting up bank keys, bank GL accounts, payment program, check lots.
  • Demo transactions for payments like vendor, customer, and shows how accounting entries are passed.
  • The need for bank reconciliation and types like manual and electronic BRS.
  • Different connection methods between bank and SAP like API, SFTP, Bank tool are explained. Configuration for electronic Bank Reconciliation Statements (BRS) using one of these methods is shown.

In summary, this training document provides end-to-end details on setting up and processing payments in SAP, right from gathering business requirements to system configuration, transaction postings, reconciliation with banks using manual or electronic BRS based on connection method.

Download PDF – Managing Payments and Bank Reconciliation in SAP: A Back-to-Basics Tutorial

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