SAP Bank Accounting End-User Training Manual

This course will focus on how SAP Bank accounting module manages bank transactions and activities.

The starting point of the course will introduce the concept of Bank Master Record’s creation and will give explanations with regards as to how they will relate to transactional processes. The course will also touch on the structures of Bank Accounting record and their significance to processes that are critical to bank accounting in the recording of accounting transactions such as bank reconciliations. 

In SAP, the bank master record is stored centrally in the Bank Directory. The Bank Directory must contain the master data of all banks that you require for payment transactions with your business partners. This includes your banks and banks of your business partners (both domestic and foreign banks). Bank key master data is maintained at client level and the same master data will be used by all company codes.

The course will also cover such issues as processing of bank statements (bank reconciliations) and cash journal (petty cash) functions.

Course Goals

At the completion of the course the delegates should be able to;

  1. Explain Finance organizational structures
  2. To Maintain Master data in  Bank Accounting
  3. Process Cash journal (Petty Cash Transactions)
  4. Manual and Automatic Bank Statement Entry Process Overview
  5. View check registers

Course Content

  • Unit 1  : Finance Organizational Structures and  Bank Master Records
  • Unit 2 : Cash journal (Petty Cash Transactions)
  • Unit 3 : Manual and Automatic Bank Statement Entry Process Overview

Download – SAP Bank Accounting End-User Training Manual

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  1. I have gone thru the user manuals and really are helpful. I will be grateful if you could share similar documents for Treasury module Corporate Finance Management) for Forex, Loan derivatives,risk management User manual /configuration documents.

  2. Good informatiive article. It is critically important to ensure that your Bank Master Data is up to date, to ensure smooth, error free payment processing.

    For the UK, you can get updates for the bank database from formatted ready for upload into SAP via transaction BAUP.

    The same company can also provide access to international bank data via a web services API

    Hope this is helpful.

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