Introduction to BADIs in SAP For Technical & Functional Consultants

This document provides an introduction to BADIs (Business Add-Ins) in SAP and how to implement them. It serves as a good reference for both technical and functional consultants.

Key topics covered in the document are:

  • Introduction to BADIs – Explains what BADIs are and how they allow custom code to be added without modifying standard SAP code.
  • Comparison to User Exits – Compares BADIs to traditional User Exits. BADIs are more modern and object-oriented.
  • BADI Definition – Covers the components of a BADI definition including the interface methods.
  • Implementing a BADI – Steps through how to create a BADI implementation and add custom code to the interface methods.
  • How BADIs Work – Explains how the custom code in the BADI methods is executed by being called from the standard SAP program.

In summary, this document provides a primer on BADIs and their implementation in SAP ABAP. It covers the BADI definition, creating an implementation, adding custom code, and how that code integrates with SAP standard programs.

Download PDF – Introduction to BADIs in SAP For Technical & Functional Consultants

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