IDoc Basics for SAP functional Consultants

This PDF document provides an overview of IDoc basics tailored for SAP functional consultants. IDocs (Intermediate Documents) are electronic messages used to exchange business data between SAP and non-SAP systems. The document covers the following key areas:

  • Understanding IDoc Concepts: Defining IDocs and their purpose, differentiating between inbound and outbound flows, and the usage of EDI subsystems vs ALE.
  • IDoc Structure and Components: Examining the structure of an IDoc, including the control record, data records, and status records stored in database tables.
  • IDoc Types and Message Types: Explaining IDoc types, message types, and how they correlate for different scenarios.
  • Partner Profiles: Configuration of partner profiles for IDoc communication, including ports and logical system names.
  • Processing and Monitoring: Lifecycle and status monitoring of IDocs using common transaction codes like WE02, WE05 etc.
  • Mapping and Transformation: Overview of mapping between source systems and SAP IDocs and key data elements.
  • Integration with SAP Modules: Usage of IDocs in SD, MM, FI etc. and relevant IDoc types.
  • Error Handling and Reprocessing: Managing errors, reprocessing failed IDocs, and techniques for troubleshooting.

The document aims to provide functional consultants with a solid grasp of IDoc concepts and key knowledge areas needed to handle IDoc-related matters in SAP projects and support.

Download – IDoc Basics for SAP functional Consultants

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