Source List in SAP MM: Step-by-Step Guide to Preferred Vendors & Time-Bound Ordering

This training document provides an overview and instructions for using the Source List functionality in SAP. The purpose of a source list in SAP MM is to specify the possible sources of supply for a material. A source list can contain one or more sources, such as vendors, contracts, or scheduling agreements. A source list helps to streamline the procurement process by enabling automatic source determination, quota arrangement, and source selection. A source list also helps to ensure compliance with purchasing policies and contracts. Key sections covered include:

  • Overview: Explains what a Source List is and what it is used for in SAP purchasing.
  • Source List Transactions: Covers transactions like creating/changing source lists (ME01), displaying (ME03), generating (ME05), analyzing (ME06) and deleting (ME07).
  • Source List Reporting: Discusses generating source list reports by material (ME0M).

Download PDF – Source List in SAP MM: Step-by-Step Guide

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