SAP R/3 Purchasing Management

31 Steps to Purchasing Management


Step 1: Define a Company
Step 2: Define Company code
Step 3: Assign Company code to Company
Step 4: Define a Plant
Step 5: Maintain Purchasing Organization
Step 6: Maintain Storage Location
Step 7: Assign Plant to Company code

Step 8: Assign Purchasing organization to Plant
Step 9: Assign Purchasing organization to Company code
Step 10: Material Master
Step11: Create Vendor Accounts Group
Step12: Create Number Ranges for Vendor Accounts
Step 13: Assign Number Ranges to Vendors Accounts Group
Step 14: Cerate Vendor Masters
Step 15: Source of Supply: Purchasing Info Records
Step 16: Changing an Info Record
Step 17: Net Price Simulation
Step 18: Out line Agreements: Contracts:
Step 19: Schedule Agreement
Step 20: Outline Agreement: Display, Change, Cancel and Block
Step 21: Optimized Purchasing: Source determination
Step 22: Creating Purchase Requisition
Step 23: Assign and Process of Purchase Requisition
Step 24: Creating Purchase Requisition W/O Master Record
Step 25: Change in Purchase Requisition
Step 26: Simplified Procurement process (ERS)
Step 27: Creating Purchase Orders
Step 28: Displaying a Purchase order
Step 29: Goods Receipts
Step 30: Run the Settlement Program
Step 31: Vendor Evaluation

Download – SAP R/3 Purchasing Management

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  1. It’s really good. But how to create these contents as like Company Code or Plant ? Please post the appropriate suggetion.

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