SAP S/4HANA SD End User Training Manual

This end user training manual provides instructions for key sales and distribution processes in SAP. The manual covers creating customer master records, pre-sales order processing for export, local commercial, and local institutional sales, sales reversal/diversion procedures, and accessing reports.

The key transactions covered in the manual are:

  • Creating Customer Master Records – instructions for setting up new customer master data in SAP using BP transaction code.
  • Pre-Sales Order Processing – detailed steps for export sales (quotation, contract, sales order, delivery, billing), local commercial sales (contract, delivery, shipment, billing), and local institutional sales (contract, delivery, shipment, billing)
  • Sales Reversal/Diversion Procedure – steps to cancel invoice, reverse goods movement, and close sales order in case of refusal to receive goods
  • Reports – accessing standard SAP reports for sales and distribution

The manual provides end users with detailed, step-by-step guidance on executing essential SAP SD transactions and processes. It covers the order-to-cash cycle for different sales scenarios. The instructions allow users to efficiently create customer masters, process sales orders, deliveries, shipments, and billing documents in the SAP system.

Download PDF – SAP S/4HANA SD End User Training Manual

List of transaction codes covered in the document are;

Tcode Transaction Type Description
BP Standart  Create Business Partner (Customer Master)
VA21 Standart  Create Quotation
VA41 Standart  Create Contract
VA01 Standart  Create Sales Order
VL01N Standart  Create Outbound Delivery
VL02N Standart  Post Goods Issue (PGI)
VF01 Standart  Create Billing Document
VF02 Standart  Change Billing Document
ZQST Custom  Quantity Splitting Tool
ZSD_DO_PRINT Custom  Print Delivery Note
ZSD_CHANGE_SO_FG Custom  Change Sales Order Production Line
VT01N Standart  Create Shipment
ZSHIP Custom  Transaction for Fleet/Packing/Weighbridge Info
VA01 Standart  Create Return Order (for Reversal/Diversion)
SAP1 Standart  Access Standard Reports

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