Understanding Organizational Structure in SAP: Detailed Guide


This document provides an overview of organizational structure considerations for an SAP implementation. It introduces the concept of an organizational structure in SAP and explains how it defines data relationships and transactions within the system. The document outlines both simple and complex organizational structure options and provides guidance on deciding between them based on factors like industry dynamics, processes, and reporting requirements. It also discusses how organizational structure impacts master data maintenance, reporting, and transactions.

  • SAP Organizational Structure Overview: Defines organizational structure and its importance in SAP.
  • Organizational Structure Defined: Explains key SAP organizational elements like client, company code, controlling area, sales organization etc. and their relationships.
  • Organizational Structure Options: Contrasts simple vs. complex organizational structure and factors driving the decision.
  • Reporting Implications: Discusses impact of organizational structure on reporting flexibility and requirements.
  • Master Data Implications: Explains how organizational structure affects master data maintenance.
  • Organizational Structure Decision Tree: Provides decision tree for determining organizational structure based on business needs.

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