SAP HR Organizational Management (OM) User Manual

Organizational Management in SAP is based on the concept that each element in an organization represents a stand-alone object with individual characteristics. These objects are created and maintained separately, then linked together through relationships to form a network, which has the flexibility to handle human resource forecasting and reporting.

SAP HR Organizational Management enables to get a clear picture of the organization in past, present and future and this information can be used for human resource planning for future requirements. The Objects are created in organizational management and through relationship the objects are related to each other and form the complete organizational structure.

Following are the objects to be maintained in this step by step SAP HR-OM User Manual:

  • Creation of Organizational Unit
  • Creation of Organizational Unit in Expert Mode
  • Creation of Organizational Units & Their Relationships in Expert Mode-Simple Maintenance
  • Creation of Positions & Their Relationships in Expert Mode-Simple Maintenance
  • Assigning of Employees to respective Positions in Expert Mode-Simple Maintenance
  • Account Assignment of Org. Units/Positions in Expert Mode-Simple Maintenance
  • To Change created Org. Units in Organization and Staffing
  • To Change created Org. Units in Expert Mode
  • Creation of Jobs, Positions & Relationships
  • Key standard reports in OM

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