SAP EWM Workshop: Overview Presentation


This document provides an overview of SAP’s Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) solution, including its features, benefits, and integration. EWM is designed to support complex warehouse and distribution processes beyond the capabilities of SAP’s standard Warehouse Management functionality.

List of topics covered in this EWM presentation topics are:

  • SAP EWM Overview and Terminology
  • EWM Benefits and ERP Integration
  • EWM Master Data Elements
  • Inbound Processes like Receiving, Putaway, and Quality Inspection
  • Outbound Processes like Picking, Packing and Loading
  • Inventory Control and Replenishment
  • Production Supply/Receive and Cross Docking
  • Monitoring, Reporting, Analytics
  • Additional Capabilities like Labor Management, RFID, Slotting
  • Live Demo of Inbound and Outbound Processes

Download PPT – SAP EWM Workshop: Overview Presentation

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