SAP PM Presentation Sample for Oil&Gas Industry

This ppt presentation, prepared for Oil&Gas Industry company, provides an overview of SAP Plant Maintenance (PM), an integrated module within the SAP ERP system for managing maintenance operations. The document covers SAP PM functionality including master data, work order management, preventive maintenance, and integration with materials management and financial accounting.

List of presentation topics covered for SAP Plant Maintenance module are:

  • SAP PM Overview: Outlines the benefits of SAP PM such as industry best practices, integration, improved information quality, and reduced document flow.
  • Master Data: Discusses key PM master data objects like functional locations, equipment, bill of materials, work centers, classifications, characteristics, and measuring points. These define the maintenance objects and attributes.
  • Work Order Management: Explains the processes for creating notifications and work orders, planning, scheduling, executing, settling costs, and reporting on maintenance activities.
  • Preventive Maintenance: Describes setting up maintenance strategies, plans, and items to schedule and perform preventive maintenance.
  • Integration: Highlights integration of PM with Materials Management for material requirements planning and procurement and with Finance for capturing actual costs.

Download PPT – SAP PM Presentation Sample for Oil&Gas Industry

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