SAP S/4HANA Sales Rebate Process Manual

This document provides an overview of the sales rebate / commission process using SAP Settlement Management in S/4HANA. It outlines how to set up condition contracts for customer and employee commissions, accrue commissions in sales documents, and settle commissions through partial and final settlements. The document covers business scenarios for customer referral commissions and employee sales commissions.
Key sections includes

  • An introduction to Settlement Management,
  • Condition Contract Creation [WCOCO],
  • Accrual postings in Sales Invoices,
  • Settlement document creation including pricing controls and accounting entries,
  • Process flows with document postings for customer and employee commission examples, and
  • Standard SAP reports for Settlement Management.

Overall, the document serves as a guide for configuring and implementing commissions and rebates using Settlement Management in S/4HANA.

Download PDF – SAP S/4HANA Sales Rebate Process Manual

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