SAP APO PPDS Master Data Integration with SAP ECC

This document provides an overview of master data integration and modeling between SAP ECC and APO PPDS systems for production planning and detailed scheduling. It covers mapping of key master data elements like plants, materials, resources, and production versions from ECC to PPDS. Key sections covered in this document are;

  • Master data integration between ECC and PPDS via Core Interface (CIF)
  • Mapping of plants to locations, materials to products, resources and production versions in PPDS
  • Location master data modeling with handling resources
  • Product master data structure in ECC vs PPDS
  • Resource master data transfer and capacity planning
  • Production version transfer as Production Data Structures (PDS)
  • Examples of resource classification, recipe design and constraints mapping through PDS configuration

Download – Master Data Integration between SAP ECC and SAP APO PPDS

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