Introduction to SAP BRF+ (Business Rule Framework Plus)

This presentation document provides a comprehensive overview of the Business Rule Framework Plus (BRFplus/BRF+), a powerful business rules management system developed by SAP. It covers the fundamental concepts of business rules, the conventional methods used, and the benefits of adopting a business rules management approach. The document delves into the origins of BRFplus, its evolution across various releases, and its key features, including rules authoring, execution engine, and repository management.

List of topics covered in this presentation document are:

  1. Introduction to Business Rules and Conventional Methods
  2. Business Rules Management and its Benefits
  3. The Origin and Development of BRFplus
  4. Release History and Enhancements
  5. Features of BRFplus
    • Rules Authoring
    • Rules Engine
    • Rules Repository
  6. Rules Creation Process
    • Terminology (Applications, Data Objects, Expression Types, Actions, Rulesets)
    • Expression Types (Decision Tables, Formulas, Functions, Rules, etc.)
    • Action Types (Context Change, Message Log, Static Method Call)
  7. Execution Process
  8. Sample Application Walkthrough
    • Setting up an Application, Function, and Ruleset
    • Defining Simple Rules with Decision Tables
    • Defining Complex Rules with Formulas and Actions
    • Running and Simulating the Rules
    • Calling the Application

The document serves as a comprehensive guide for understanding and working with the BRFplus business rules management system, providing both theoretical foundations and practical examples.

Download – Introduction to SAP BRF+ (Business Rule Framework Plus)

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