Introduction to SAP BRF+ (Business Rule Framework Plus)

This presentation document provides a comprehensive overview of the Business Rule Framework Plus (BRFplus/BRF+), a powerful business rules management system developed by SAP. It covers the fundamental concepts of business rules, the conventional methods used, and the benefits of adopting a business rules management approach. The document delves into the origins of BRFplus, its evolution across various releases, and its key features, including rules authoring, execution engine, and repository management.

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Configuring Output Management with SAP’s BRF+

This document provides an overview of SAP’s Business Rules Framework Plus (BRF+) for output management in SAP S/4HANA. It covers the BRF+ workbench, basic concepts, configuration for output determination, issuing IDocs using BRF+, callback classes, CDS views, common issues, and technical considerations.

  • Introduction to BRF+ and its workbench
  • Basic BRF+ concepts like applications, data objects, functions, rules, rulesets, expressions, actions
  • Output management in S/4HANA using BRF+
  • Steps to execute output determination and generate PDF output
  • Issuing outbound IDocs with BRF+ output
  • Using callback classes to retrieve business data
  • Relevant CDS views for output management
  • Common issues encountered and workarounds
  • Technical considerations for debugging and enhancing BRF+ configurations

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