New Asset Accounting in SAP S4HANA: Top 12 Questions Answered

This short document provides a list of new asset accounting features introduced in SAP S/4HANA. It highlights the key advantages of the new asset accounting system, including instant access to accurate asset values, simplified posting logic, and improved transparency and reporting capabilities. The document also covers the technical changes to the underlying tables, the required configuration steps, and the new BAPI functions associated with the new asset accounting system.

List of questions answered in the document are:

  1. What are the Features in New Asset Accounting?
  2. What are the advantages in New Asset Accounting
  3. What are the Technical Changes to the Tables in New Asset Accounting?
  4. What are Configuration changes with reference to New Asset Accounting?
  5. What are the Changes and deleted functions in New Asset Accounting?
  6. What are the New BAPI ‘s Associated with New Asset Accounting?
  7. Explain the Concept of Technical Clearing Account? What is the purpose of it?
  8. Explain the Ledger approach wrt New Asset Accounting?
  9. Explain the Account approach wrt New Asset Accounting?
  10. What are the Sequence of the Migration steps?
  11. What are the Migration of legacy data upload process Changes wrt New AA?
  12. What are the Transaction changes wrt New AA?

Download – New Asset Accounting in SAP S4HANA: Top 12 Questions Answered

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