SAP S4H Group Reporting and Consolidation: Overview Presentation

This presentation document provides a comprehensive overview of the key capabilities and functionalities of the S/4 HANA Group Reporting and Consolidation solution. The document highlights how S/4 HANA enables organizations to streamline their financial consolidation and reporting processes, ensuring data integrity, flexibility, and seamless integration across the enterprise.

Key topics covered in the presentation are:

  1. Key Capabilities: Discusses the core features of the S/4 HANA Group Reporting solution, including local and group reporting, data validation, currency translation, intercompany elimination, and flexible data collection options.
  2. Master Data: Covers the key master data entities, such as organization units, consolidation groups, consolidation units, and the consolidation chart of accounts.
  3. Organizational Elements: Explains the different types of financial statement items, including income, expense, asset, liability, equity, statistical, and reporting items.
  4. Data Preparation: Describes the month-end closing activities, including the use of Data Monitor and Consolidation Monitor for task management, data validation, and ensuring data consistency.
  5. Currency Translation: Discusses the process of translating financial statements from subsidiary currencies to the group’s reporting currency, and the handling of currency translation adjustments.
  6. Intercompany Elimination: Outlines the various intercompany elimination tasks, such as sales, other income/expense, dividends, and balance sheet eliminations.
  7. Consolidation Flow: Provides an overview of the end-to-end consolidation process.
  8. Fiori UX: Showcases the Fiori-based reporting capabilities, including balance sheet, consolidated balance sheet, consolidated profit and loss, and year-over-year comparisons.

Download – SAP S4H Group Reporting and Consolidation: Overview Presentation

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