Release Strategy on PO in SAP: Configuration and End User Manual

This document, created by an SAP MM consultant, Khaled Fouda, provides a comprehensive guide on configuring and implementing a release strategy for purchase orders (POs) in SAP ERP. It covers the necessary components, such as characteristics, classes, procedures, and codes, required to establish an approval workflow for POs. The release strategy ensures that POs are blocked until they are fully reviewed and approved by responsible individuals within the company, adhering to predefined criteria and authorization levels. By following the step-by-step instructions outlined in the document, users can effectively control and govern the PO creation and approval process, mitigating risks and maintaining compliance with organizational policies.

Key Sections:

  1. Introduction
  2. Components of any release on SAP ERP
  3. Configuration of Release strategy on Purchase Order (PO)
    • Set characteristics [CT04]
    • Set class and assign characteristics  [CL02]
    • Set up procedure with classification
      • Release group configuration
      • Release codes setup
      • Release indicator configuration
      • Release strategies definition
      • Release prerequisites, statuses and
      • Release simulation and testing
  4. PO creation and release execution
    • Individual release (ME29N)
    • Collective release (ME28)

The document walks through each of these sections, providing detailed explanations, configuration steps, and transaction codes (T-codes) necessary for implementing the release strategy on purchase orders in the SAP ERP system.

Download PDF – Release Strategy on PO in SAP: Configuration and End User Manual

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