SAP Finance (FI) Business Blueprint Sample

Don’t you have any idea about Business Blueprint? Then check to what is Business Blueprint for SAP please. And also have a look at this post to enhance your knowledge for the SD,MM,PP,QM and PM Modules by viewing the questionnaires. Those questionnaires covers only questions required for preparing Business Blueprint. In this sample,you will see an University’s Business Blueprint preparement with answers given to questions. Might be very useful for FI/CO users. Also see the SAP CO Business Blueprint I shared with you an another post.

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  1. Dipak Singh says:

    I need pass word to open the document “Finance Business Blueprint sample”.Either mail me or publish here.Your site is excellent.

  2. eddai says:

    Hi, thank you very much helping me for expired link.
    i have just updated link. You can download FICO Business Blueprint now.

  3. sharat says:

    I am unable to open FICIO Buisness Blue print, If any one have the docunment please prove to me


  4. shrek says:

    eddai, I’ve been using various material uploaded by you…. they all have been fantastic.. U really are helping thousands of people with great stuff here…

    I wont mind saying ur like GOD for sapdocs… !! U rock man !!

    thanks once again for this post,…. amazing thing !!

  5. Venkat says:

    Congrats for all the good work.
    Can you help by listing out what all the documents an sap fico consultant requires during the course of the project. And also kindly share knowledge what sort of tesing and testing related docs an functional consultant needs.

  6. Mark says:

    hi Everyone,

    I hope someone from the loop has an idea of some blueprint examples for SAP Sales and Distribution (SD). Currently im looking for some reference on SD implementation and i need some examples for each phase (blueprinting, testing, designing and developing and reconfiguration). Thank you so much for accommodating my concern.

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