Routines in SD

Routines in SAP SD

Any Business requirement can be met through Standard Configuration or any customized development.
Customized requirements in SD consists of Program, Routines, Exits, BAPI & BADI etc..

Following is the process of creation of Routines:
Routines in Sales & Distribution plays a vital role .Business Requirements can be met by creating and configuring in required applications i.e. it can be a Copy control Routine or any Pricing Requirement Routine or any Out Put Requirement Routine.

Step by Step Process:-

VOFM is the Transaction, where we can create New Routine.

1. Go to VOFM Transaction Code
2. On the Menu Select required Application i.e Requirements -Pricing
3. Enter any Number in between 600 to 999 for Custom Developments.
4. On entering Pop Screen appears ask for Access Key(We have to remember that Every New Routine needs an Access Key)
5. We have to send the Object number and installation details to the BASIS
6. BASIS will provide the Access Key
7. Once the Access Key is received we can do modification with the help of Technical Consultant.
8. Enter the Routine Number ,description and insert the Access Key
9. Now the ABAP Editor will open and required code can be copied from Standard SAP Routine and Custom Code Can be developed.
10. Once the coding is completed we have to Activate the Routine
11. Select the Routine and Go to Edit – Activate
12. Ensure that Active check box is ticked upon Activation of the Routine.
13. Double click on the routine will enter into ABAP Editor, we have to generate the Routine
14. Go to Program and select Generate
16 A screen pops up with the related Main Programs ie…SAPLV61A and select all required main programs wherever the Routine is being called.
17 Once the Routine is Generated and Activated, We can configure the Routine in the config.
18 Configure the Routine in required applications and do the Testing
19 We have to transport the Workbench Request i.e. Routine first ,then only we have to transport customizing request
20 We have to Activate and Generate the Routine in each and every client it got transported.

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