Events in Workflow

What are Events?

Events are actions that occur in the system and that acts as trigger point for any workflow. Eg. Sales order creation. is an event.

Eg; Consider a scenario where any sales order after creationi subject to approval from superior. So here a workflow comes into play.The workflow needs to start whenever a Sales order is created. The business object BUS2032 is associated to sales order creation. It has event CREATED. So the trigger point or ” START EVENTS ” in the workflow is the BUS2032 ‘s event CREATED.

Then bind the event to the workflow so the data flows from event to the Workflow. eg: Sales order is created. So for the workflow to proceed it’ll need sales order details. With binding the respective values is mapped ito the workflow container.

Then activate the linkage once you are through the workflow creation. This is important as after this only the workflow will listen for the event, in the sense that after this only the workflow is triggerred on the event.This is critical also as each active link adds to system load considerably and too many workflows in the test environment can bring the system down. So careful. Deactivte once test is over and workflow is no longer used.

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