SAP Solution Manager:Definition, Advantages

What it is

SAP Solution Manager is the best way for a new customer to see what business processes come delivered in SAP systems. I meet with many new customers who want to immediately start creating workflows and process flows. SAP Solution Manager answers the question: “What business processes come delivered with SAP – as part of the standard application.”

It is also very useful for Upgrade or system maintenance.

Major Advantages

  • It works with ARIS in modeling what your business processes should be.
  • It serves as a ‘system of record’ for the design of your processes, including documentation, configuration, and project work completed.
  • It can be used in conjunction with Solution Composer to see solutions provided by SAP.
  • It works in conjunction with SAP Central Process Scheduling providing seamless process automation & job scheduling across both SAP and non SAP environments

Implementation Considerations

  • SAP Solution Manager includes both implementations and operations tools. You may want to be sure you leverage the entire capabilities available with Solution Manager, not only the implementation tools.

Example business scenarios

  • You are a new SAP customer and you want to know what processes are delivered with our applications. You need a tool to help you implement SAP and model what your processses will be.
  • You are a customer about to perform an upgrade or implement new SAP functionality and you need implementation assistance.

2 thoughts on “SAP Solution Manager:Definition, Advantages”

  1. SolMan is really 2 courses! One for Implementations and one for operations and maintenance. They both have certification exams. If you dare take the implementation exam without the 5 day course beware of the “German” questions. Its a tough exam!

  2. Thanks for your valuable feedback! Could you elaborate us with that “German” questions please ? I’m about to graduate from my college. and considering certification exam about 6 months later. Not decided yet but SD area is what i want mostly. As i know Solution Manager related questions are asked in other cert. exams too. what would you suggest ? which SAP Academy courses would be enough to study ?

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