ABAP List to ALV

What if you could reformat a standard ABAP list as easily as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet? Many R/3 users are not aware that the report development using ABAP List Viewer(ALV), which comes standard with R/3(since version 4.5X), lets you come very
close to doing just that. Unlike a standard ABAP list, ALV provides the end-user the flexibility to individually customize the data output. Many traditional developers are under the impression that ALV is a complicated and difficult tool to understand and use
until they started using. It really saves lot of time and system resources. This document is intended for the users who want to quickly convert ABAP lists to ALV format. A template was provided as a part of this paper which can be used to considerably reduce the amount of time to less than 30 minutes to convert each ABAP list to ALV format. However there are some restrictions that are outlined in this paper. Using this template, you can also run ALV reports in the background unlike the standard examples provided by SAP with the only exception that you will not have all ALV features like sorting are available from spool.

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