Integration of Billing in SD Processes

The billing document represents the final function in the SD process chain. Billing is an important part of the financials interface. This allows documents to be created automatically in Financials Accounting and Controlling when you create billing documents. A billing document has structure similar to that of a sales document, with header and item. the billing type controls the billing document. The following is a list of billing types in SAP Systems:

  • F2-Invoice, used for final customer invoice
  • F8-Pro forma invoice, used for printing documents without having to post to the invoice
  • G2-Credit memo, used for issuing credit for any returns to the customer
  • L2-Debit memo, used to issue debit for getting money not received from customer
  • RE-Returns, for generating any return document
  • S1-Cancellation invoice, if you want to cancel an invoice and issue a new one
  • S2-Cancellation credit memo
  • LR-Invoice list, to generate a list from multiple invoice
  • LG-Credit memo list, to list all the credit memos to a customer for a specific period
  • IV-Inter-company billing (invoice), used to post financial data between company codes, for inter-company goods movement
  • IG-Inter-company billing (credit memo), to issue credit between company codes
  • CS-Cash sale, for issuing invoice any sale made through without any delivery involved

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