Step by Step End User Guide to Accounts Receivable in SAP FI

This training document will focus on how Accounts Receivable module in SAP FI manages customer transactions and activities with screenshots and definitions

After the creation of the Customer and other Master Records, the transactional processes will be carried out in areas of: parking, posting, document changing, account clearing and reporting.

  • Noted Items [F-49]
  • Create / Change / Display Billing Document [VF01, VF02, VF03]
  • Enter Customer Invoice [F-22]
  • Clear Open Items on Customer Account [F-32]
  • Customer Credit Memo [F-27]
  • Post Customer Credit Memo [FB75]
  • Customer Down Payment Request [F-37]
  • Customer Down Payment [F-29]
  • Clear Customer Down Payment [F-39]
  • Post Incoming Payment [F-28]
  • Post Customer Invoice [FB70]
  • Display/Change Line Items [FBL5N]
  • Customer Balance Display [FD10N]

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