What is SOP?

Suitable for long/medium-term planning, with an aim to streamline a company’s ‘Sales and Operational Planning, SOP’ is a forecasting tool enabling you to set up sales, production, and other supply chain targets based on existing, future, or historical data. SOP is most suitable for planning finished goods, and not for material component planning.

SOP plans are passed on to Demand Management (DEM) in the form of independent requirements, which in turn is fed into MPS (Master Production Scheduling) and MRP (Material Requirements Planning). The results of SOP can be passed on to profitability analysis, cost center accounting, and activity-based costing.

SOP contains two application components; namely, Standard SOP (PP-SOP) and Flexible Planning (LO-LIS-PLN). The Standard SOP comes pre-configured with the system. Flexible planning can be configured in a variety of ways.

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