Speed Up Your Workflow With Keyboard Shortcuts

Except from the Time Saving Transactions, do you also know there are other shortcuts that are handy for saving your time ? As almost of us use shortcuts on many softwares, especially in Office Programs. Admittedly, the time we divide between our keyboard and mouse can not be negligible. The solution here is to activate “Use Accelerator Keys”; that is your another arm :-)

Before listing shortcuts here, please make sure you activated shourtcuts. Press “Alt+F12” and open Customizing Local Layout menu, then click Options and select Cursor tab. Tick Use Accelerator Keys, apply and exit. So below are shortcuts you can use:

F1 Help
F3 Back
F4 Lists possible entries or matchcode (see next section) for the field you are accessing
F8 Executes a transaction or report
ALT + F12 Calls the menu popup for Customizing of local layout
CTRL + Shift + P Makes a Hardcopy which shows no menu popup and can also contain status texts and modal popups.
CTRL + / Cursor jumps directly to the OK-Code field.
CTRL + I Cursor jumps to the first focusable field or control.
CTRL + + Creates new session.
CTRL + ; Creates Sap shortcut.
CTRL + Q Shows tooltip for the focus control (except ActiveX controls).
ESC on OK code field Closes the drop down list, if it is open.
CTRL + Z,CTRL + Y Undo und Redo in the input field.

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