Posting Keys

What are posting Keys and How are they used while making postings?

Posting Keys are defined at Client Level.

Posting keys determine whether a line item is a debit or credit as well as the possible field status for the transaction. In this context, it is essential to understand the factors that determine the field status of a transaction. The field status within a FI document is controlled by Accout Type, field status of Posting Key and the field status of the G/L account.

Modifying the SAP delivered Posting keys are not recommended. if a posting key is to be modified the best possible action is to copy the posting key that needs to be modified and then modify the copy. we can define the posting keys using the transaction OB41.

It also determines the account type to which the debit or credit is to be made and whether it is Spl G/L transaction. If it is a Spl G/L transaction, then the field for Spl G/L indicator becomes required entry.

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